How to remove Microsoft Edge from a system level in Windows 10

The quick way would be:

  • Navigate to C: Program Files (x86) Microsoft Edge Application
  • Select the current version number
  • Locate setup.exe
  • Navigate to the file path within Command Prompt
  • Execute the following command: setup.exe –uninstall –system-level –verbose-logging — force-uninstall

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Problems while opening PDF’s in Internet Explorer

Recently i was with a guy who had some problems opening the Adobe Acrobat PDF files in his browser, once in a while the PDF showed up blank and all subsequent files remained blank as well. Because the PDF was opened in his browser immediatly there was no way to download and examinate them.

The solution was to configuring the browser to open PDF files in an Acrobat window.

If you want the browser to open PDF files in a separate Acrobat window, then configure the browser to use Acrobat or Adobe Reader as a helper application. Then, when you select a PDF file in Internet Explorer, the browser opens the PDF file in an Acrobat window instead of the browser window.

To configure the browser to use Acrobat or Adobe Reader to open PDF files:

  1. Close your web browser.
  2. Start Acrobat or Adobe Reader.
  3. Choose Edit > Preferences.
  4. Select Internet in the list on the left.
  5. Deselect Display PDF in Browser, and click OK.
  6. Restart the browser

Note:The next time you select a link to a PDF file, the browser may prompt you to open or save the file. If you choose to open the file, then the browser opens the file in the helper application that you specified. If you choose to save the file, then the browser downloads the file to the hard disk.

How to Remove/Disable Windows Search 4.0 from Windows XP

Last week i had a friend of me who insisted on keeping his pc with Windows XP instead of buying a newer one. After a fresh installation and installing of all updates and additional software he got stuck with the new and ‘improved’ Windows (Desktop) Search.

He said, everytime i do a search the bloody tools tells me it can’t find a file because it is just not looking where i want it to look. Can i disable it?

Ofcourse, just uninstall the update and it should be gone. Guess what?! It didn’t.

So after doing a bit of research i found out that you can just unregister this one dll that hooks up on your Windows Search in the registry, and it should give you back the original Windows Search.

Now how will you do that? Follow the steps below (on your own risk!)

  1. Click Start
  2. Click Run
  3. type: regsvr32 /u “%programfiles%\Windows Desktop Search\wdsShell.dll”  and hit ENTER.

This should tell you that the dynamic library is now unregistered. Hit the search and note the difference!

Automating external data import with Excel (2)

As i wrote earlier on my blog (and twitter) i would get back to this subject.

The task is quite simple. You have a Microsoft Excel sheet with a list of visits you did in a year. You did register each customer, and it’s zipcode, and complete address. Now your boss (or his secretary) asks you to deliver a sheet with kilometers travelled for your visits.

One can take a whole day (or more) to look them up with Google Maps, or you can use the data that you already have and automate this process with the Google Api’s. Continue reading