About me

My wonderful life started a long time ago, back in 1982! The year that i was born on 4th of July. My parents was told i would arrive earlier, but i decided to come a bit later. Taking my baby pictures in consideration my parents were quite happy with the little version of me. At the age of two my parents moved from their appartment to a real house.

I was still as cocky as when I was born. (Learning to walk in the mountains, and insist that you can cycle through trees and lampposts).

When i was eight years old we got the first computer at home. My life changed completely. Playing games all the way untill my dad needed to work on the computer or my time was over. Few years later the internet became general available in the Netherlands. This was the moment that i also understood the potential of networks. (Playing games, exchanging files etc.)

At high school i followed a junior degree in Computer Science. With a specialisation in electric engineering. (Technical Production Automation). When i found out that this wasn’t really what i expected to do the rest of my life i followed an other bachelor degree course. First a mistake to choose for Human Interaction design a got on the right track towards the study Network Infrastructure Design.

I completed the 4 year study course in 3 years. During my study i gained practice by working as a trainee with dutch educator Fontys Hogescholen, department ICT Services. I was assigned the task of research and documentate de ideal solution of 802.1x within the Fontys Corporate and Guest network. On friday February, 2nd of 2007 is completed my study.

At this moment i am working (parttime) for a small networking company in the south of the Netherlands. I also have my own company where i advice companies about their networks, services and security and provide them with internet related services.