Pre-course Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA) Assessment Results

Just did a pre-course assessment for my next certification track. I am aiming on the Cisco Certified Design Associate as it is for now the most relevant certification in my job-area.

Below my personal results. Cisco partners can do their own free pre-course assessment through the Partner Education Center (PEC).

Student Name:  Martijn
Total # Assessment Questions:  78
Total # Questions Answered:  78
Total # Questions Correct:  51
Overall Score:  65.4%

Scores By Unit:

Applying a Methodology to Network Design
Number Answered: 12
Number Correct: 9
Unit Score: 75.0%

Structuring and Modularizing the Network
Number Answered: 9
Number Correct: 7
Unit Score: 77.8%

Designing Basic Campus-Switched Networks
Number Answered: 6
Number Correct: 5
Unit Score: 83.3%

Designing an Enterprise WAN
Number Answered: 6
Number Correct: 4
Unit Score: 66.7%

Designing IP Addressing for the Network
Number Answered: 6
Number Correct: 5
Unit Score: 83.3%

Selecting Routing Protocols for a Network
Number Answered: 9
Number Correct: 4
Unit Score: 44.4%

Evaluating Security Solutions for the Network
Number Answered: 9
Number Correct: 6
Unit Score: 66.7%

Designing Networks for Voice Transport
Number Answered: 12
Number Correct: 6
Unit Score: 50.0%

Applying Basic Network Management Design
Number Answered: 9
Number Correct: 5
Unit Score: 55.6%

Percentage Correct Per Topic:
66.7% Identifying Organizational Network Policies and Procedures
66.7% Examining Organizational Network Requirements
100.0% Characterizing the Existing Network
66.7% Completing the Network Design
66.7% Designing the Network Hierarchy
66.7% Using a Modular Approach in Network Design
100.0% Evaluating Network Services and Solutions Within Modular Networks
100.0% Reviewing the Campus Design Methodology
66.7% Selecting Campus Design Models
66.7% Reviewing the Enterprise Edge Design Methodology
66.7% Selecting Enterprise Edge Technologies
66.7% Designing IP Addressing
100.0% Introducing IPv6
100.0% Evaluating Routing Protocol Selection Criteria for a Network
0.0% Assessing Routing Protocol Features
33.3% Designing a Routing Protocol Deployment
100.0% Identifying Attacks and Selecting Countermeasures
33.3% Identifying Security Mechanisms for a Defined Security Policy
66.7% Selecting Security Solutions Within Network Modules
66.7% Reviewing Traditional Voice Architectures and Features
33.3% Integrating Voice Architectures
66.7% Identifying the Requirements of Voice Technologies
33.3% Planning Capacity Using Voice Traffic Engineering
66.7% Identifying Network Management Protocols and Features
33.3% Reviewing Functional Areas of Network Management
66.7% Managing Service Levels in a Network

CCDA is a complete different area next to CCNA…

Memorising the OSI-layers

Some people have problem with remembering the OSI-layers, for those who can not memorise them i have this small trick i learned once back in college.

Just keep in mind that all people seem to need data processing.
Where each word corresponds with one of the layers of the OSI model below.

OSI Layers

OSI Layers

So all corresponds with Application, people with Presentation etc.

I hope it will help you as it did for me!