Magento Currency Importer

Recently I walked in to a new challenge. A customer needed to import the exchange rates provided by the European Central Bank (ECB).

As each Magento store builder knows, Magento only works with one webservice by default and that one is

On the Magento website their is a wiki-page written about how to extend and implement Yahoo Finance, but the guide is pretty broken. And as I needed the rates from the ECB, I decided to build this in to a small module which I also would release on Magento Connect.

My Currency Importer can be found in the Magento Connect database. I would appreciate a positive feedback if it works for you. If things don’t work, please contact me by leaving a message on Connect or below in the comments (if still open).

TheĀ Currency Importer allows you to use ECB or Yahoo Finance for now. ECB has a limited exchange rate set.

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