Pursuing the Cisco Certified Network Professional Voice certification? Update your path!

Whenever you are pursuing a Cisco Certified Network Professional certification in the Voice section, you should update your certification path. As of augusth 15th you will nolonger be able to obtain your CCNP Voice certification. Even if you still have to achieve your CCNP Voice, i would recommend you to update your certification path and obtain the brand new Cisco Certified Network Professional Collaboration certification.

The new CCNP Collaboration exam consist for a large part of the existing CCNP Voice materials, but has some updated exams on Video topics. Also it consists out of less exams to take. So on a financial base it would even save you money.

So what changed, for a beginning you are no longer required to take and pass the CVOICE exam. The CIPT1, CAPPS and TVOICE exams will give some eemptions for the new CCNP Collaboration certification. So if you already did one or more exams have a look at theĀ CCNP Collaboration Exam Migration Tool.

Have a look at the migration scheme.

CCNP Collaboration

If you are already CCNP Voice, take the new CIPTV2 exam and upgrade your certification to CCNP Collaboration.